Concours d'Caffeine

Fall 2017 - October 1

Event Schedule

Concours d'Caffeine

7:00am - 8:00am: Exhibit Vehicles entry
8:00am - Noon: Exhibit Open

8:00am-Noon: Alfa Romeo Test Drives

Cars & Coffee

7:00am - 8:00am: Cars & Drivers arrive
8:00am - Noon: Exhibit Open

Tour d'Caffeine

11:00am: Driver's briefing
11:30am: Tour departs

Click here for a site map of the area.

PBA Scholarship Foundation

We are proud to announce that our event is now one of the major fundraiser events for the Westport PBA Scholarship Foundation. Proceeds from our event will be used to fund the scholarships awarded each year to deserving students.

PBA Demonstrations - the Westport PBA will sponsor two demonstrations by Westport Police and CT State Police.

The Convincer
A simulator that demonstrates why seat belts are important at protecting against the impact of a collision. Participants sit in the simulator as it impacts at 5mph.

Click to watch a demonstration at University of Hartford of the Convincer and the Roll over simulator.

Concours d'Caffeine

We have invited 15-20 special vehicles for our return to the Saugatuck part of Westport.

Our Concours field will consist of:

  • A selection of motorcycles from the estate of Fairfield County Concours d'Elegance and Concours d'Caffeine co-founder John Shuck
  • A selection of classic motor cycles from Fairfield County Collectors
  • Invited examples of historic British sports cars from the 40's and 50's

Will provide test drives of new Alfa Romeos.
A special Thank You to Alfa Romeo for the significant contribution they made to the PBA Scholarship Foundation.





Cars & Coffee

Local classic, collectible and special interest vehicle owners are invited to bring their vehicle and join with others for a cup of coffee and conversation. We are also inviting area marque clubs to come as a group.

Tour d'Caffeine

Once again Rich and JeanTaylor of Vintage Rallies have prepared an interesting and exciting route for our rally. We will depart from the Saugatuck Station at 11:30 and have an intermediate stop and a lunch stop for the tour.

This year, our lunch stop will be at Renea Dayton's Hayfields Market in North Salem. Tour Lunch Sponsor