Concours d'Caffeine

Who We Are


Concours d'Caffeine

The event represents a new automotive event concept combining the elements of a Concours d’Elegance and a Sunday Cars and Coffee gathering.  The focus of the event in Saugatuck is to provide an enjoyable Sunday morning event for vehicle owners and guests highlighting the historic Saugatuck section of Westport.  Principals of the Concours d’Caffeine include founders Bill Scheffler, Tim Walsh and Frank Taylor and co-sponsor Westport-Weston Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director Matthew Mandell, and Westport Downtown Merchants Association, Randy Hebertson, President.

Concours Consulting Group

The team consists of the organizers of the Fairfield County Concours d’Elegance who conducted the event in Westport for nine years.  When the event closed after its 2011 event, they conducted a vintage car rally and fundraiser for St. Vincent’s Behavioral Health Services finishing on the Veterans’ Memorial Green with the tour cars on display.  They are: Bill Scheffler, Co-founder and Chairman and Frank Taylor, Co-founder and Executive Director and Tim Walsh. 

Vintage Rallies

Since their first rally event in 1993, Vintage Rallies has grown into an extended family group of thousands of car-enthusiasts who come back year after year to see their friends, enjoy their cars and share another 1,000-mile adventure.  In 2014, they celebrated their 85th national event.  They have held events in the Northeast US, Canadian Rockies, Southeast US, and Southwest US.   Their 2015 schedule includes the New England 1000 in CT, NY, MA and VT, the Southwest Passage in NM, CO and UT and the Mountain Mille in VA and WV.  Principals in Vintage Rallies are Rich and Jean Taylor.  For more information avout Vintage Rallies, click or tap here.

Our Beneficiaries

Our event is a fundraiser for the Malcolm Pray Achievement Center located in the Banksville section of Bedford, NY.  The Malcolm Pray Achievement Center inspires visitors towards success through a world-class automobile collection and the entrepreneurial story of Malcolm Pray. The Malcolm Pray Achievement Center offers programs to local schools, youth groups, families, senior citizens, car enthusiasts, and community centers. The mission of MPAC is to inspire students to start considering what career field they want to pursue and to offer the late Mr. Pray’s “12 Steps to Success” to help them achieve their chosen path.  The “12 Steps to Success” resonate with principles and habits your learning community and parents instill daily.  The Pray Family Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, continues the work of Malcolm Pray through the Malcolm Pray Achievement Center. Malcolm Pray’s passion for automobiles and his journey as an entrepreneur continues to inspire young people, families, and youth groups through innovative programs.  Malcolm was a great supporter of classic car events allways willing to bring one of his collection.  For more information about the Pray Achievement Center, click or tap here.